Farm Advisor Resources

We have included some useful publications for Farm Advisors from the Pearl Mussel Project that are available to download. Just click on the image below, and then download the PDF document through the browser on your computer.  

Pearl Mussel Programme - Information Booklet (2019)

Pearl Mussel Programme - Terms & Conditions (2019)

PMP Whole-farm Scorecard May 2019

Wole farm scorecard

PMP Inventory of Farm Livestock June 2019

PMP Approved Advisor Work-flow And Checklist June 2019

PMP Advisor Code of Conduct Declaration June 2019

PMP Peatland Data Sheet May 2019

PMP Peatland Scorecard May 2019

PMP Peatland Species Guide May 2019

PMP Grassland Data Sheet May 2019

PMP Grassland Scorecard May 2019

PMP Grassland Species Guide May 2019

PMP Woodland Data Sheet May 2019

PMP Woodland Scorecard May 2019

PMP Woodland Species Guide May 2019

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