PMP Publications

We have included some useful publications from the Pearl Mussel Project that are available to download. Just click on the image below, and then download the PDF document through the browser on your computer.  You will find additional Schools & Education publications and resources on our Education Resources page.

Pearl Mussel Programme - Newsletter

Newsletter image

Pearl Mussel Project News Issue 1

Pearl Mussel Programme - Key Farmer Publications

Pearl Mussel Programme - Information Booklet June 2020

PMP Info Booklet 2020

Pearl Mussel Programme - Expression of Interest Form (PMPF1) 

Expression of Interest Form Image

Pearl Mussel Programme - List of Priority Commonages 2020

Prior Commonage report 2020 cover

Pearl Mussel Programme - Terms & Conditions June 2020

PMP TandC 2020

List of PMP Approved Farm Advisors May 2020

Pearl Mussel Programme - Key PMP Farm Advisor Publications

PMP Advisor Code of Conduct Declaration June 2019

PMP Approved Advisor Work-flow And Checklist June 2019

PMP Results Based Payment Calculator Excel July 2020

PMP Online Map Users Guide June 2020

PMP Supporting Actions Specifications June 2020

PMP List of Supporting Actions June 2020

PMP Drain Advice Sheet Sept 2020

PMP How to use the Supporting Action Claims App June 2020

PMP Review and Appeal Procedure 2019

PMP Formal Team Review Request Form 2019

PMP Formal Appeal Request Form 2019

PMP Whole-farm Scorecard and Tipp-sheet April 2020

PMP Inventory of Farm Livestock August 2019 (PDF)

PMP Inventory of Farm Livestock August 2019 (Word)

PMP Peatland Data Sheet May 2019

PMP Peatland Scorecard April 2020

PMP Peatland Species Guide March 2020

PMP Grassland Data Sheet May 2019

PMP Grassland Scorecard March 2020

PMP Grassland Species Guide May 2019

PMP Woodland Data Sheet May 2019

PMP Woodland Scorecard April 2020

PMP Woodland Species Guide May 2019

Pearl Mussel Project - General Information Publications

Pearl Mussel Project Annual Report June 2019 – June 2020 

PMP Annual Report 2019 2020 No2

Pearl Mussel Project Annual Report May 2018 – June 2019 

PMP 2018-2019 Annual Report

Pearl Mussel Project Farmer Consultation Meetings Report (2019) 

Farmer Consultation Report March 2019

Pearl Mussel Project Farmer Consultation Meetings Infographic (2019) 

PMP Infographic Press Image SML

Pearl Mussel Project Farmer Consultation Meeting Questionnaire (2018) 


Pearl Mussel Project Results Based Farm Programme Presentation (2018)


Tionscadal na nDiúilicíní Péarla - Eolas i nGaeilge 

PMP Gaeilige Factsheet

Pearl Mussel Project - General Information Leaflet (2018)

PMP Info Leaflet Grab2

Pearl Mussel Project - Teagasc Open Days Poster (2018)

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